Tallmast’s primary business is to connect high quality originators / financial institutions
with investors in Ghana’s capital market through the vehicle of securitization.

Tallmast will create and sponsor various special purpose vehicles to issue bonds to finance the purchase of assets with regular cashflows. Tallmast Company Limited (Tallmast) is a 100% subsidiary of DCM Holdings, a wholly owned Ghanaian company. The first company sponsored to start the securitization program is Controller ABS Limited. Controller ABS specializes in the securitization of consumer loans issued to public sector employees.

  • Our People

    Tallmast believes that its greatest asset is its people. Hence, we believe in the training, equipping and development of our people to drive the business strategies of the Company.
  • Team work

    At Tallmast, we value relationships and appreciate the efforts and diversities of the collective. We believe that healthy team relationships among staff and other service providers will accelerate our growth and potential. By building a healthy but competitive team environment, Tallmast will become an unrivalled player in the financial services industry in West Africa.
  • Growth Focused

    At Tallmast, we aspire to grow our reach and impact in the financial sector. We are inspired to grow our reach and positively impact the financial sectors we operate in. We require our staff to have a growth mindset and challenge themselves to cover new grounds.
  • Integrity

    Integrity is crucial to the brand and product that Tallmast offers. The investing public and partner organization should be confident of our underwriting standards and trust that we will demonstrate integrity in our dealings with them. As such, Tallmast expects a high level of integrity from its management, staff and other stakeholders.
  • Innovation

    Asset-backed securities is an innovative financial product that Tallmast is introducing to the Ghanaian capital market. Thus, everyone at Tallmast is encouraged to create, imagine, innovate and contribute new and unique ideas. These new and unique ideas will allow us to grow and expand, improve work processes and challenge the way we do things.

Tallmast is committed to providing high quality securitization services through:

1. Identifying high quality originators working across various sectors.
2. Performing a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of our originators ensuring alignment with our stringent underwriting frameworks.
3.Utilizing financial tools to tailor securitization products to match the risk profiles of different categories of investors on the capital market.

The vision of Tallmast Company Limited is to be recognized as the leading provider of financial solutions that provide liquidity and deepen the financial market in Ghana and the sub-Saharan African countries through securitization.

Meet Our Team

Tallmast Company Limited has a group of specially trained, dedicated staff and board to provide professional
services to our customers